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Shadowy Swashbucklers

Race:  Dark Elf
Coach:  Christian N
After a lengthy discussion and many a keg o' rum, the cap'ns guild decided to send out some of the most deadly pirates of The Sea of Malice, to show the worth of sailors in the game of Blood Bowl. Under the leadership of the legendary swashbuckler Hidalgo the Parrotless (see bio for explanation) and his competent chain of officers - first mate Mad-Mojo Pierre and the always charming gunner, Cannon-balls Dick - this team will show a daring style of play, matching the nimbleness and flashyness of their elven cousins.

Shadowy Swashbucklers team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 21st, 2007 - old news
On a voyage towards the playoffs
After a slow first season, the Shadowy Swashbucklers have decided to make up for humiliation by going straight for the playoffs. So far things look fair, and in the first couple of matches Nuffle has sided with the Swashbucklers, giving them the edge against the less fortunate opponents - a more moderate influence from the gods of chaos would be welcome though. The shabby sailors are sailing toward a bright horizon indeed.
- Christian N
Sep. 11th, 2006 - old news
Ole seadogs sports excellent shape
Late due to hard storms and plundering along the various coasts of the Old World, the Shadowy Swashbucklers have finally arrived. The hopes are high. As qouting leader Hidalgo, saying

"Arrrh, more rum ye shabby dogs! Give us more fine highelven maids! Fetch the damned weights, and ye ole wretched shorts - we're winning this time lads!"

shows, the spirits are high in the darkelven ships - and the shape of the team seems no worse off than rumor has it to be.
- Christian N
Tournaments played:
Season XVII, Season XVIII
Trophies won:

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