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Kevin Colquhoun

Kevin Colquhoundead
Dwarf Runner,
Maca'Chobaich team retired


Interceptions: 0
Completions: 4
Touchdowns: 6
Casualties: 2  (2 were kills!)
MVP awards: 4
Star Player Points: 46
MA ST AG AV Skills
7 3 3 8 Sure Hands, Thick Skull, +MA, Block, Pass

Sustained Injuries:  DEATH!

Was killed in the match Greyhavien Renegades - Maca'Chobaich (Season XX, round 3).
When this young upstart joined the team everyone kept telling him that his job was excatly the same as for everyone else: hit the opponents so they hurt. He has however never displayed any interest in anything but the ball and now he has learned to avoid the educational lessons eagerly provided by the rest of the team - by running faster.
After several games Kevin has managed to score enough touchdowns and train suffciently to have learned blocking and passing. Thus far he has followed the mantra: "One cas, One kill".

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