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Helle Dige Asen

Helle Dige Asenretired
Elf Catcher,
Blood Bowl Bunnies team retired


Interceptions: 2
Completions: 0
Touchdowns: 17
Casualties: 2
MVP awards: 2
Star Player Points: 69
MA ST AG AV Skills
8 4 4 6 Catch, Nerves of Steel, Pass Block, +ST, Block, Dodge

Sustained Injuries: -AV

Retired during season XVI.
Retired after season 16, because the team was reset for season 17 and LRB5.
-1 AV due to Crush!
There is hardly any way of describing how lucky this woman is. Fortune has always smiled on her. On her mother’s side she stems from the ancient Norse settler in Greenland, Leif the Lucky (Leifur Heppni Eiríksson), and on her father’s side she stems from the Danish Helledie family. Her great-great-grand-uncle was the famous English private investigator Sheerluck Holmes. The name Asen she got from her husband, who has had a long career in the PlayBall Moving Picture Branch®, and who got the nickname due to his “equipment”. She has no reason to take up Blood Bowl, and most people claim she has no business on the field either. However, she feels she has to put her luck to the ultimate test by going on the field. This may be her Hybris.

She entered the team before the 4th round match of season 15 and retired before the 1st round match of season 17. She was one of the "Champion 12" who won the championship in season 15. She was one of the "Champion 7" who won the championship in season 16. She played a total of 20 matches for the team.


Acclaims and accolades:



1. Aros Champion of season 15 with the Bunnies.
2. Claimed 5th place on the season 16 top scorer list.
3. Aros Champion of season 16 with the Bunnies.


1. Team top scorer of season 16 - (10 TDs).

AWARD: Awarded into the Hall of Bunny Heroines.
TEAM LEADER: Is the team's all time top intercepter.

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