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Sep. 23rd, 2008
Anal Therapy For The Wood Elves!
In a dazzling display of talent and skill, the Aarhus Motherfuckers today succeeded in beating the previously undefeated Wood Elves, Greyhavien Renegades.

After a 1-1 result at halftime, the woodies came close to a touchdown, but thanks to AaMFs coachs brilliant tactics, the ball was captured and handed off to The Mackerel who headed off downfield. Despite elf efforts to stop him, he scored a touchdown in the last turn.

The reaction from the crowd was spontaneous and excited. The AaMF hooligans went on a rampage through Århus, and they're not done yet. Pictures from the celebration can be seen here, here and here

Damn, it's good to win!
- Madsen
Sep. 15th, 2008
AaMF Merchandise For Sale!!!
In an attempt to increase their rather meager fanbase, Aarhus Motherfuckers have now released their first item in a range of team merchandise. The President of the club says to the local press: "Well, we're hoping to attract some more attention to the team and increase our fan factor beyond the 1 point it currently is. But we've realised that it takes more than just the stuff. Hopefully things will look better after we have played The Red Krakens tomorrow evening."

The new items for sale can be seen here, here and here.
- Madsen
Sep. 3rd, 2008
Dee Dee RIP - but the revenge was sweet
Yesterday Aarhus Motherfuckers took to the pitch for the first time against Brabrand Boys. The match ended as a 3-0 win to AaMF Aarhus Motherfuckers - Brabrand Boys (Season XXI, cross-over 1).

Brabrand Boys won the kickoff and dominated the first four turns, coming close to a touchdown with one very slippery lineman. But then the favourite boytoy of the team, Dee Dee, was suddenly cut down and killed by Keld, and the motherfuckers went on the rampage, looking for revenge!!!!

The ball was captured and handed over to Lemmy Killminister, who ended up making a touchdown in the last turn of the half.

In the halftime the MF-boys strapped on their knuckledusters, put extra steel in their boots and went to the pitch, looking to get even.

In the first drive, Lemmy Killminister again scored a td, and the casualties started building up. In the second drive, the humans failed to pick up the ball, and after some fumbling, Gert Danzig, made a touchdown after also inflicting 2 casualties.

The second half took its toll on the Brabrand Boys, with 1 BH, 3 SI and The Mackerel succeded in killing Kent, which also gave him the award as MVP. Dee Dee was avenged and Aarhus Motherfuckers got the respect they deserve!!!
- Madsen
Aarhus Motherfuckers
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