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Match result

Season XVIII, round 7
Team badge
Army Of Lovers

gate: 32 000
1 TD score 2
cas score
Team badge
Blood Bowl Bunnies


profile Jimi Grydehår dead
TD Scorers
profile Ritt Meister dead
profile Carmen Körler dead
Foulers (no cas)

profile Kynde kurveflet retired
Badly Hurt'ers
mercenary / fans / random event

profile Svend Sved Bounty (130000 gp)
profile Svend Sved Bounty (130000 gp)
Serious Injurers

profile Svend Sved Bounty (130000 gp)
profile Zorglub the Great Bounty (20000 gp) retired

profile Jimi Grydehår dead
Completions By
profile Ko Π dead
profile Guillo-Tine retired
Interceptions By

profile Anton Adams retired
MVP awards to
profile Lone Star dead
  Sustained Injuries  
Miss Next Game
profile Ann Tenna Kabell Bounty (20000 gp) dead
-1 AV
profile Ko Π dead
profile Lotte Rig dead
profile Ritt Meister dead
Result added april 3rd, 2007

Match notes
The Bunnies received the ball and caged it on the sideline well into Orc territory, due to the defence’s being concentrated in the centre of the field. In their very first turn the Orcs retaliated by making a casualty. This was to be the start of a severe beating. But they never got hold of the ball, and the Bunnies were in front.

In the Orc offensive drive the ball scattered and bounced towards the sideline. An effort to cage it there was not successful, and in the end the intended ball-carrier failed to pick up the ball. The agile Bunnies dodged in and out of the would-be cage and put tackel-zones on the ball. The slow-moving Orcs could not move a sufficient number of players in vicinity of the ball, so the Bunnies recovered it and extended their lead further.

Once again the Orcs started an offensive drive, and this time with more luck, as the Bunnies were now heavily decimated. For the length of the drive they had 4 to 6 players in the field, most of whom were lying down. In the end only the two Bunny blitzers were able to put tackle-zones on the ball-carrier who was one move action from the endzone – and even then it required both go-for-its and and a leap. They did manage though, and although the ball-carrier could have most likely dodged away with his high agility, the cover action was made with a special intention, as the ball was now shielded from other Orcs. The Bunnies had used all their inducement on a wizard, and so there were high expectations on his shoulders, but much to the dismay of the Bunny coach he failed to take down the ball-carrier with his lightning bolt. By then a smug smile covered the face of the Orc coach. As it would have no inpact on the ball-carrier’s chances of dodging, the Orcs decided to blitz down one of the Bunny blitzers in the hope of reducing the Bunnies’ player material even further. But a double-skull stared back at the Orc coach. The last of the Orc re-rolls did the trick, but now there was no re-roll available for the dodge. When the roll turned up a 1, the smug smile was firmly wrested from the Orc coach and placed on the Bunny coach’s face instead. 2-0 the result of the first half.

In the second half the few standing Bunnies made a heroic effort to stall the Orcs, but were also helped a great deal by the incompetence of the intended ball-carriers who just could not pick up the ball. At one time the Bunnies even had possession of the ball and a good chance to secure victory, bat the ball was recovered when the ball-carrier tripped over her own legs. In the end the Orcs did manage to make the touchdown, but by then two thirds of the second half had elapsed.

The Orcs had a shot at the equalizer when they came out with a blitz on the ensuing kick-off, but the plays were called in a rather conservative manner, because the Orcs were more afraid that the Bunnies would score again rather than cage the ball. This gave the Bunnies the opportunity to cage the ball in their own endzone. Desperate measures now had to be taken, but when the self-sacrificing Goblin offered to let himself be thrown into the ball-carrier, the Troll saw nothing but a tasty little dish that he wanted to shove down. The Goblin did manage to escape only to knock himself unconscious upon hitting the ground. A last desperate attempt to dodge into the cage resulted in a turnover. 2-1 the final score.

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